We provide services in automotive and commercial vehicle construction:

We can also offer to you an integrated assistance und project management.

EDS (Electrical Distribution System) Engineering

We take a holistic approach when it comes to providing EDS support, from 3D and electrical engineering, the drafting and design of related components to change management and quality assurance. We always ensure the range of implemented processes and tools correspond to those specified by the OEM/customer, enabling us to increase both our internal and external quality through our own innovative software solutions (DABT).

We work both directly for OEMs as well as their suppliers and oversee projects ranging from the small-scale to the holistic development of customer-specific wiring harnesses.



  • Creation of system and cable circuit diagrams using OEM specific tools (EB cable & E³ series)
  • Development of grounding and electrical safety concepts
  • Complexity matrix
  • Preparation of change notifications


  • Virtual line routing with fastening concepts with OEM-specific tools
  • Package and installation space analyses
  • Construction of electronic components
  • Intelligent wiring harness drawings with OEM-specific tools (LDorado, etc.)
  • Preparation of change notifications

Automotive Components Engineering

Our service spectrum focuses on the development of metal and plastic automotive components with prominence given to the required production processes and client-specific demands.

We oversee the project from the conceptual design phase to the production-ready component. Our innovative ideas and know-how gained from over 18 years of project experience ensure we obtain the best possible results.

We also use virtual testing (FEM) to support the development process.

If required, we can use our long-standing partner network to undertake experimental testing and produce prototypes in line with customer requirements.

  • Support and fastening components (for electrical and mechanical components)
  • Interior and exterior components (panels, trims, covers)
  • Active safety systems (crash deformation elements)
  • Shock absorbers and floor mats (multilayer shock absorbers, floor mats, non-woven covers)
  • Sheet metal components as control unit carriers in the front carriage, the undercarriage and the interior
  • Safety-relevant components such as anti-theft alarm system housing, horn brackets, protective covers and deformation panels
  • We develop plastic and metal components along with shock-absorbing and other materials

Software used

  • Catia V5: Sheet Metal Design (SMD), Generative Shape Design (GSD), Functional Molded Parts (FMP)
  • NX 8.5: Sheet Metal, Solid & Feature Modelling, Assembly Modelling

Experimentation and Testing Centre

We draw on over 15 years’ experience in vehicle EDS engineering and the automotive industry when we carry out tests. Our innovative ideas, know-how and teamwork enable us to provide our customers with high quality, timely and cost-effective solutions.

  • Vehicle EDS measurements and tests in accordance with customer requirements e.g. load and misuse tests
  • Construction, commissioning and automation of test benches
  • Creation of test cases in e.g. C# and Python
  • High-frequency measurements
  • Construction and commissioning of test vehicles
  • Retrofitting of electrical equipment in vehicles e.g. prototypes
  • Vehicle commissioning and diagnostics with state-of-the-art hardware and software
  • Flash programming and coding of control units
  • Creation of restbus simulations
  • Benchmark analyses and evaluations
  • Continuous operation support
  • Procurement of series and prototype components
  • Components list generation
  • Quality management
  • Installation and removal documentation
  • Preparation of presentations
  • Test drives
  • Error management
  • Project coordination
  • Model creation and processing using MATLAB/Simulink or CANoe
  • Customisation of control unit functions
  • Analysis, evaluation and documentation of performed tests

Systems Engineering

We use our expertise in systems engineering to optimise internal processes and projects, primarily in our testing activities.


Software development

  • Languages:
    • C#, Java, C/C++, VBA
    • Python, PHP
    • SQL, XML
  • Databases:
    • MySQL, MS SQL, Access

Areas of application:

  • Web applications
  • Applications for mobile devices
  • Database solutions
  • Applications created in accordance with specific customer requirements