The add experts of tomorrow at add

This year, add solution GmbH will once again take part in the future day of Lower Saxony. There are already a dozen registrations - we are looking forward to the kids and their questions from today.

Who doesn't know it from friends or family? The little niece gets a play kitchen for her birthday, the 3-year-old finds a toy car under the Christmas tree. It is undisputed that we and our children are strongly influenced by upbringing and the social environment as they grow up. The young talents of tomorrow spend a large part of their lives in school. The state of Lower Saxony would like to contribute to the professional orientation of schoolchildren to break down the typical gender roles in the career choice: boys should sniff out the "women" jobs and girls in the "men" jobs.

We are very passionate about the Future Day campaign and organize a varied daily program for the students every year. We do not necessarily stand for this gender-typical job vacancy: we have a technical drawer as team leader, a software developer in the area of ​​system development, as well as an employee in "housekeeping".

The program was already set this year in January: how do wiring system developers earn their money? What do the employees need to be able to work? Who is responsible for all employees and ensures that the company and the employees are doing well? What are the duties of a managing director? All of these topics are presented to the students through short lectures, interviews and practical insights into the tasks so that they could get an impression at the end of the day.

… What add employees do on a “normal” working day

and much more important:

… What makes the add solution add.

The measures to combat corona provided for postponing this year's future day. Our planned program could not take place on March 26th, 2020 and will probably be postponed to autumn. It's a shame for the students, but it is not important WHEN it takes place, but THAT it takes place.