add enables childcare in Corona time

An exceptional crisis sometimes requires extraordinary measures. Therefore, add solution GmbH has decided to enable your employees to bring your children to work and to have them looked after under supervision.

In the course of the decommissioning of schools and daycare centers in Lower Saxony from 16.03. until April 17th, 2020 add solution GmbH acted quickly and organized childcare in-house.

The largest room in the building was blocked, pens, notebooks, magazines were bought, games were planned in order to create a space for the little ones among us and a change from what is mostly everyday at home. A young educator could be won over for the care, so that the start on 16.03. was not in the way. At peak times, 5 children were looked after throughout the day so that the parent could devote himself to his work and the children could experience a lot of exciting things under our roof.

After the Federal Government had discussed the ban on contact, we also saw it as our duty and responsibility to dissolve the group on March 23. and discontinue care to curb the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Even if add can no longer take care of the support, it is important to us to continue to find flexible solutions for our employees, not only to survive this time in the interest of all those involved, but also to organize it.

We wish our employees a healthy level of prudence, patience with the children and themselves and most importantly HEALTH during this time!